…deep and joyous gratitude to Shlomit Moria - Bushwood Creations for teaching me how to whittle & release the wood sprites! Such a brilliant workshop for skills, inspiration and great company - thank you! It’s been over a decade in the dreaming, and just the beginning of the journey - I can’t wait to see who else is hiding and whispering in the timber… 🧚🏽 ….and to whittle away the time with my boys! I can see this will be a deep love in our family… 🥰 


 The art of reducing a solid block of square each side gets its own view flat, collapsed too scared to lose the plan and the block of a vision though you must be willing to chop away yes chopping is good be brave to let go the block cut your sharp knife in so you know for sure the way of the grains and the way of the cuts be brave to let go what’s not needed be brave to protect what’s so needed un-square the block little by little round-off your vision Many thanks to the beloved @shlomit_woodcarving for a wonderful day of whittling obsession at her studio. I learned a lot from her and took home yet another inspiring craft to practice on 🪵🪚😅🐳🦉and the most precious gift of presence, persistence, adaptation, abundance and beauty! 🍃🍂🌱🌿🌳 

Many arts Studio

 Hi Shlomit, Thank you so much again for the whittling class on Sunday, I enjoyed it so much! I came home and started sketching out more figures to carve! Cheers!