Huntintower school, Mount Wavarley, Vic
a large stump near the primary school playground

Our school had to remove several giant Cypress Pines that had come to their end of life and had become unsafe. The trees were an iconic part of the school’s history. Much of the timber and several large stumps were retained to hopefully create some stump art so that they could live on and be admired for decades to come. Shlomit was recommended to us and immediately we felt there was a connection with the project and the values of the school. We engaged Shlomit more as an ‘artist in residence’ to produce creative ideas for the stump art in collaboration with the junior students and our Art teacher. It was clear that Shlomit ‘got’ the vibe of the school and what we wanted to achieve. The students then watched in amazement as her and their ideas came to life in the huge four metre high stump. It became a ‘storytelling’ tree and will act as inspiration for the students for years to come. Shlomit engaged with the inquisitive students graciously and they even interviewed her for their school magazine. She enjoyed becoming part of their school for the project. Shlomit attended when the weather permitted and what she accomplished each day was remarkable. Staff would attend to view her visions as they emerged from the stump and couldn’t wait for more to be revealed. She really is an artist and her knowledge and skill is there for all to see. She appreciated the budget we had available and worked within that, looking for ways to ensure we didn’t go over. A high level of trust quickly developed between the school and Shlomit and the incredible result reflects that. The work will be an inspiration for us for decades to come. Thank you Shlomit from all of us at Huntingtower School.

Wareen Primary School, Truganina

"The wombats have been a huge hit with our entire community and have already had many photo shoots with Staff, Students & Dignitaries so we are very grateful that you trusted in us and provided us with your artwork. These wombats may be the first of many. Have a wonderful day."

Chris and Greg Terrens
Warburton, Victoria, Australia.

Totem Magic! We had an idea some years ago to harvest a tall eucalypt from the forest gully on our block in Warburton. Our aim was to create two totems from the approximately 8 m pole as a centerpiece sculpture of a new garden we are planning, a secret garden down the slope from our new home. We cut the tree in 2016 while the house was under construction from a small area that needed to be cleared to meet bush fire planning regulations. The pole lay in the bush for two years while we designed two totems that represented our family and our love of the bush and the forest that we live in. The totems are angels with symbols of ancient earth functions such as wind and fire and spirituality. At our yoga class we met a lady who had hired Shlomit Moria from Bushwood Creations to make an owl wood sculpture. We met with Shlomit at her workshop in Warburton and immediately realised this was the person to create our angel totems. Her workshop is a place of beauty and industry wonderfully combined. Shlomit came to our house and examined our design ideas and came back with wonderful detailed wood carving and metalwork design drawings of the two totems which we agreed implement. The pole was cut into two unequal lengths, we stripped the bark and Shlomit transported the two poles to her workshop for treatment and carving. Shlomit hired a well know blacksmith Dietmar Fleckhammer to make the metal parts to the sculpture while beginning the work of carving the cypress angel wings and the poles. The art work progressed rapidly and at the same time we all put our minds to the installation process and how we would place the totems in the ground. The sculpture pieces were completed to the point where the sculpture could be placed onto the carved poles onsite on the day of installation. We hired a hole digger and completed two 80 cm deep holes with the assistance of artist Sioux Dollman, a friend of Shlomit’s who lives up the road from us, and who has many artistic skills included creating concrete sculptures, one of which is her own house in the style of Gaudi. What a team! Installation day went well, we chose and were rewarded with a calm sunny day in mid winter. Shlomit's husband Edo provided construction and strategic expertise on the day and we successfully concreted the totems in place where they will remain for centuries to come hopefully as a representation of the wonders of life and planet Earth. Thank you Shlomit and team for you artistic ability and wood carving design and sculpture skills, and your practical abilities for the installation of the sculpture. Thank you again Shlomit, Sioux, Dietmar Fleckhammer and Edo. Chris and Greg Terrens Warburton, Victoria, Australia. All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Yarra Junction, Victoria

I required to have a 75 year old tree removed from near my entrance. The trunk had split into 3 near the base. I had a dream for owls. After consulting with Shlomit she commenced work. I enjoyed watching the birth of the owls. I was amazed at the speed of this project, very happy with the consulting with me during the craving and so happy and amazed with the end result. I found Shlomit very respectful and honourable which was very important to me as this is my home.I love my owls. Thank you Shlomit.

Wandin North

I first met Shlomit Moria at a Mentoring Clinic at the Warburton Enterprise Centre. At the end of the Mentoring Session I visited Shlomit Workshop and was captivated by her Talent and Art work, I was so impressed I sent information on Shlomit work to my Family and Friends. We had a 130 Year Old Japanese Maple Tree in our Front Yard that had died several years ago, so Judy and I commissioned Shlomit to turn the Stump of the Tree into some Art of our Grandchildren using her Unique Chainsaw Sculpture. Shlomit’s work was Outstanding, she Transformed a ugly old Stump into a great work of Art, a Fairy Castle with Owls, Toadstools and loads of Characters, our Grandchildren play around the Fairy Castle when they visit they love it and have built a small play area around the Sculpture. We can highly Recommend Shlomit Moira as a very Talented, Creative and hard working person, we are happy to People to visit and look at the Art, and we will be delighted to give our Recommendation of a job well done, on time and on Budget. We are sure Shlomit will delight and captivate her Customers and Reward then if they work with her.