Chainsaw artist and wood carver

Shlomit Moria is a wood sculptor and a chainsaw carver from Warburton, Victoria.

A former graphic artist, Shlomit decided to follow her lifelong passion for the three-dimensional medium of wood sculpture. She established Bushwood Creations in mid 2015 and creates her works of art from reclaimed and salvaged timbers.

“I love the way the wood dictates the piece, the little bit of unpredictability fascinates me and reminds me to let the magic do its thing without trying to control it. Wood is a living thing and it is an honour sculpting with it.”

She started selling her creations through markets, galleries and online shops, and in 2018 ventured into the world of private and public commissions, developing works for playgrounds and public spaces, schools and private individuals. She has a unique way of capturing Australia’s favourite animals and has recently worked with totem poles and human forms. She is passionate about form and texture and will turn her chainsaw to any challenge.

“My work is based on the philosophy of salvage, restore and recycle. I love living in a community where sustainability is a choice people make in daily life and I love nature.”

Shlomit has a university degree in Graphic Art and is a member of the Association of Sculpture Victoria and Yarra Valley Arts. She participates in the annual Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, and her work has been presented at many group exhibitions, including the prestigious Yering Sculpture Prize.

Shlomit has carved herself a unique niche as a female wood sculptor and is grateful to the people in her local community who have inspired her and taught her skills. She also draws on her travels in India where she has learnt at the side of stonemasons and Tibetan wood carvers. Her work tells stories for all to enjoy.

Public and private works

2018 - Olinda Park sculptures – Three owl totems, toad stools, wombats and one large animal totem, Acorn fairy house and gum nut fairy house.

2019 - Belgravia Leisure Yarrambat Golf Course, Yarrambat Victoria – Three wombats for the mini golf course

2019 - Jacaranda Reserve, Kilsyth – Large Beetle Sculpture

2020 - Emmanuel College, Altona North – Mother Mary, On site job from a dead stump

2020 - City of Stonnington, Victoria Gardens, 359 High Street Prahran - Pine cone, mother and baby wombats.

2020-2021 - Orana at Clyde North for Balcon Group Sculptures - Wombats, Owl totems, Toad stools for a new estate

2020 - Jells Park, Wheelers Hill – Three Owl totems, possum totem, crow couple totem, nesting bird totem, six crows

2021 - Amaroo Drive reserve, Whittlesea – Wetland theme totem

2021 - Lort Smith Animal Hospital – Three animal totems

2022 - The Greythorn Trader Association - Six life size people representing local community past and present

Art Almanac Award at the 2022 Annual Sculptors Victoria association Exhibition.

    Moria Shlomit  - Monique


              Shlomit Moria Monique

Quirky, carved rendering of wonderful everyday characters. Sense of person and humour in depiction. A contemporary work using traditional methods. An inhabitant of nature and urban folklore standing proud looking into the distance….and maybe the future.