Chainsaw artist and wood carver

Chainsaw artist and wood carver

Hello, My name is Shlomit. I am a wood sculptor and a chainsaw carver from Warburton, Victoria.

Up until 2015, I used to work from my office creating graphic design artwork in front of the computer – it was a good job, and I felt creative some of the time but I didn’t move much and there was something I loved more – wood! Carving, shaping, inhaling and even the meditative act of sanding really inspire me. So, I decided, ‘That’s enough! Time to move my body and let my heart sing’. It has been a serious leap of faith, but I figured that there is a chance for me to be truly happy and blessed passing my days doing what I love. And the truth is – it is so.

The use of the chainsaw for my work, for me, is like any other tool. Chainsaws are versital and allow working with large pieces of wood.

Where do I get my wood from? I am a passionate wood collector, and when I see a nice piece of wood lying around somewhere, I will pick it up, if it is not too heavy, and pop it in my car. I live near a rainforest so there always seems to be pieces of wood treasure near the road, especially after storms. Sometimes I buy slabs of special timber like Mahogany, Mexican Adder, Elm or Camphor Laurel to carve. The latter is great for food related items because of its anti-bacterial properties. I always keep my eyes open for special pieces and burls. I am lucky to have a solid network of encouraging people that let me know when there is a tree down or if they have found something interesting.

I am truly grateful to be doing what I do, and appreciate your time reading this long story. If you have any questions about any of my pieces, or would like to commission a work, please don't hesitate to send me a message.